Answers to common questions – FAQs

Our approach is different to most builders, and we therefore expect people will have questions about our concrete panel homes. We’ve answered the most common ones here, however you are welcome to contact us if you have particular questions we haven’t covered.

How does concrete compare to traditional brick veneer construction?

Pre-cast concrete panels offer the following benefits over brick veneer:

  • superior insulation (equating to lower heating and cooling bills)
  • greater strength
  • more precise construction

How can you build a quality house in just 8 weeks?

Using pre-cast concrete panels from local factories means we save the time traditionally taken for brick and mortar work. We also developed new processes around pouring the slab and affixing the roof, two other major components, as well as the installation of windows and doors.

In no way does faster equate to a lowering of quality standards. In fact, it is much the opposite: our new technology delivers more precise results than have been traditionally achieved in the past, because the concrete panels – the main structural components of the house – are machine made in a factory. We utilise robotic technology to achieve superior results in many other areas of manufacturing, and now Harmony Homes is bringing this technology to the housing market.

Where do your panels come from?

All the concrete panels we use come from Austral, a leading Australian concrete company. They are manufactured in Sydney.

Just how strong is the concrete you use for the panels?

Very strong. When compared to brick veneer, concrete panels are substantially stronger and are far less likely to crack or move. In fact, brick veneer construction involves affixing the roof onto the timber frames, as the brick walls themselves aren’t designed to be load-bearing; with Harmony Homes’ concrete panel walls, the roof is affixed atop the concrete as it has the structural strength to do so.

Industrial units and highrise buildings have also been constructed with concrete panel walls for many years.

Can you tell the house is made of concrete?

Our images show the typical look of a finished Harmony Homes house, which in most cases is a painted concrete finish – essentially the same as a rendered finish, but without the same likelihood of cracking.