Harmony Homes is the housing division of D & K Developments Pty Ltd, which was incorporated in 2011.


Though a relatively new company, our team collectively boasts over 140 years of industry and business experience.
The team is further strengthened by reputable and longstanding trade companies that provide us with various construction services.

The concept of using precast concrete panels in house construction was spawned from the established and proven panel technology used in industrial buildings and high-rise units. The rapid build, uncompromising strength, and superior thermal and acoustic mass are all unique features that a traditional brick veneer house cannot offer.

Innovation and the embracing of new technology are core values of our business. Whether our client is an owner-occupier or an investor, we realise that they are looking for value and capital growth and the sooner a home is built, the sooner these things can be realised. As core partners in this journey, we unashamedly offer a construction time of less than half that of long-established builders. We can do this without sacrificing quality because we have superior materials technology and a superior building methodology. The only thing we sacrifice is building time.

You may be reassured to know that whilst we have the capacity to build over 500 houses (like other builders), we have deliberately set a limit on the number of houses we build each year. We do this to ensure that we can consistently deliver on our promise of high quality homes at fair prices to valued customers.


Our Leadership Team

Managing Director – Danny Rhind

Danny has extensive experience in the building sector and has worked on projects from granny flats to large scale corporate property developments. His wealth of expertise and commitment to quality workmanship from his team ensures that each Harmony Home is built to an exacting standard and delivered efficiently.

CFO/Commercial Director – Rex Ratnam

Rex brings a wealth of financial and management expertise to the business, having worked in senior financial positions for one of Australia’s top corporations. Contributing to the development of the business and ensuring the team in the field are supported by solid management systems, Rex is passionate about creating an organisation that sets new standards in customer service.

In addition, Harmony Homes has an Advisory Council to assist in setting company strategy and providing general good governance. It consists of the two company directors and a small panel of external experts, with backgrounds in major construction and development companies as well as marketing organisations. This provides well-rounded expertise to supplement the operational team responsible for the day-to-day running of the company.