Harmony Homes offers a portfolio of pre-existing designs which are able to be built on your land.


We can help you choose the best design options based on street appeal, floor plan preferences, and your available budget.

Our in-house architects can then work with you to modify elements of the design and deliver your own personalised property.



Harmony Homes designs all feature precast concrete panels which provide a range of benefits over other traditional materials. We’re proud to be introducing the ‘homes of the future’ which offer greater precision in the build, higher structural integrity, and the opportunity to explore more flexible designs owing to the structural strength of concrete and its ability to support wider openings. In addition, cast concrete panels are an integral part of our rapid construction technology which allows us to complete homes to exacting standards in less than half the time of traditional builders.

Grand parks
While these pre-existing designs provide a range of options to suit most clients, we can also adapt something to suit your needs. Our in house Design Team are skilled in working with all land topographies, building mediums and modern design concepts.

Starting with a pre-existing design, we can often produce hybrid designs to suit the block selected and your internal space and layout requirements.