Harmony Homes is passionate about new technology. Utilising the latest advances in building materials and methodology, we are able to deliver stronger, more precisely built homes at value for money prices.

How do we do it?

It starts with our reinforced, precast concrete panel walls. These are made of the same materials and using the same process that has been tried, proven, and refined in industrial and commercial buildings and is now available to deliver superior homes to new residential buyers.

Concrete panels offer a range of advantages over traditional brick veneer construction:

  • greater strength
  • more precise results/alignment
  • more resistance to ground movement (less likely to crack)
  • superior thermal mass (better insulation)

In addition, the pre-casting of our walls off site (in Austral’s Sydney factory) enables us to save much of the time typically taken in constructing a brick veneer home. The result is that your home can be at lock-up within 10 days, and completed within just 8 weeks. It’s a remarkable advancement to be able to deliver a home of superior quality in such a short time frame, and is testimony to our relentless commitment to technology and process improvements in the home building industry.